Special Issue 2018

Having experienced fast-paced change over the past 20 years, what will the future bring? This call for papers invites proposals for contributions to an EAPRIL special issue in the UAS journal which reflects the visions of future education and learning by practitioner researchers who are members of EAPRIL.

Manuscripts would tackle a broad range of research questions and/or cases relevant for the field of professionals who are using practice-based research to improve their practice. This would focus on ways of responding to developments in society and the workplace. The proposed special issue aims to present:

  • Practitioner research, methods, perspectives and sharing reflections: practice-based research as a form of inquiry, which will share visions, dreams, new ideas and innovative solutions that will inspire the presence and future of education, while acknowledging historical-cultural backgrounds.
  • Case studies, presenting practitioners’ experiences to improve pedagogical innovations, the digitalisation of education, career development, vocational training, teacher education, governance, lifelong learning, and wellbeing. 

The submission period is expired. The Special Issue is planned for publication in July 2018. Stay tuned!

Call for Special Issues


If you have an interesting idea for a theme/topic and/or a journal to publish a Special Issue in cooperation with EAPRIL, please contact us now (info@eapril.org)

Archive Special Issues


EAPRIL published two special issues in the last two years together with educational journals Vocations and Learning and UAS Journal. All publications are a collection of papers within the field of practitioner research and bring together research and practice in a specific domain.

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