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!!!Update: the conference programme on Friday will already end at 13:45 instead of 15:15. 



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Conference Theme

EAPRIL theme


EAPRIL’s conference in 2019 focuses on in-depth dialogue between practitioner researchers who are interested in the changed goals and approaches of life-long learning process. The conference is for describing, sharing and discussing the current and future challenges to ensure meaningfulness of learning in different settings at school, work, and everyday life. Changes might be seen in goals as it is described by World Economic Forum but also in processes that change due to globalisation and development of technology.

By meaningful learning we would like to highlight the importance of the questions why, how and so what of the instructional process. The content, the methods, and also the purpose of learning has to be meaningful in learning at schools and at the workplace. Learners should be also involved in planning to achieve this.

The questions why, how and so what should be asked especially now because of the rapid changes in the labour market, social changes, and technological development. According to European Commission’s recommendations all learners should still focus on raising the level of achievement of basic skills (literacy, numeracy and basic digital skills) but also on fostering the acquisition of competences in sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics; increasing and improving the level of digital competences at all stages of education and training, across all segments of the population; nurturing entrepreneurship competence, creativity and the sense of initiative; and increasing the level of language competences and supporting learners to learn different languages relevant to their working and living situation.

The European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning (EAPRIL) aims to promote practice-based and practitioner research on teaching and learning within formal, informal, non-formal, lifelong learning and professional development contexts – in many different settings. Therefore, EAPRIL conference is also a perfect place for discussions on meaningful learning in different settings.


Meet our EAPRIL2019 keynotes:

School Visits

Each year the popularity of our school visits seems to be increasing. Last year 127 participants visited 8 different schools. 

This year we will again organise interesting visits in Estonian schools of different educational levels and with special educational features. This gives you a chance to discover one of the most interesting educational systems in the world from up close. 

The visits are scheduled on the day before the official start of the conference (November 26, 2019, 8:30 - 12:00). Please be aware that you can only visit one school because all visits are scheduled at the same time.

Here you can find the list of schools that can be visited. For more info please click on the name of the school:

Higher Education

Secondary Education

Primary Education


Adult Education

Vocational Education


Tickets can be bought together with your conference registration or can be added later on. To register and/or buy a ticket click here

Conference Dinner

This year the Conference Dinner (Thursday November 28, 2019, 20:00) will be held in the Estonian National Museum. This unique location is located just outside the city centre of Tartu and is accessible by taxi, by bus or even by foot. For more information on how to get there please consult their website or go to the section 'Getting around in Tartu' on our practical page

Address: Muuseumi tee 2, 60532 Tartu

Tickets are sold out!

Estonian National Museum