Partnerships & EU Projects

Together with European associate organisations and project partners, EAPRIL aims to bridge the gap between research and practice to improve learning in different contexts. Please find below an overview of assocations that EAPRIL closely cooperates with, as well as our involvement in European funded projects.


The European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction


Community for Learning and Development Professionals


European Association of Erasmus Coordinators. For more information scroll down.




SPACE Network

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The European Association of ERASMUS Coordinators

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The European Association of ERASMUS Coordinators (EAEC) is a membership network, which was founded in 2004 and currently has more than 140 university members.

The network is very active in European Funded projects and produces publications of interest to its members. Every week each network member receives alerts for Funding Calls and invitations for partnerships.

EAEC promotes mobility among university students, academic and administrative staff and promotes principles and participation in the ERASMUS+ European Commission Programme. The network achieves this by organizing seminars , conferences and networking meetings, with the aim of enabling direct communication among the Association's members and be a catalyst for increased mobility throughout Europe and beyond.

EAEC organizes the ERASMUS Congress and Exhibition, known as ERACON, where Erasmus Coordinators, Placement and Internships Managers, Researchers and Professionals with an interest in the Erasmus+ Programme are invited to participate, make presentations and submit written papers on their experiences in areas related to the Erasmus+ Mobility Programmes. For more information visit

In addition, EAEC members can actively participate in the Networking Innovation Meetings organized by the network so that members can exploit to the fullest the European funding schemes and opportunities, leading them to successful proposals for funding and innovative projects. The EAEC is establishing the ECO (European Coordination Offices) in every European country with the aim to promote further networking within and between European countries.

For more information on EAEC write to or visit its website .


EAPRIL is happy to partner-up with EAEC

  1. EAPRIL is a member of EAEC and shares the latest Funding Alerts with its members (for a fair price of 6EUR)
  2. EAEC organises a Thematic Innovation Meeting at the annual EAPRIL Conference, as well as a workshop on Erasmus + proposals. Please discover here the interesting programme of Thematic Innovation Meetings for 2019.
  3. EAEC and EAPRIL promote each other's conference. The next EAEC conference will take place in Paphos, Cyprus  - May 1-5, 2019. More info can be found here.



The SPACE network is an international network of predominantly professional higher education institutions including universities and VET schools servicing researchers, teachers and students on levels 5, 6 and 7, in the field of (broad sense) business, languages, entrepreneurship and hospitality. The network provides participation in a wide range of prestigious projects and also assistance concerning the submission and management of European projects, new teaching & learning and conceptual and applied research/innovation, besides being a space for sharing and dissemination of  new teaching and learning materials and methodologies, research & innovation, and outcomes of projects.


EAPRIL is happy to partner-up with SPACE

  1. SPACE and EAPRIL are represented at each other's annual conference, by organising an invited session.
  2. SPACE and EAPRIL promote each other's conference. The next SPACE conference will take place in Greece - May 8-10, 2019. More info can be found here.
  3. EAPRIL is happy to share the open calls for special issues and reviewers for the SPACE Journal of advances in higher education.


European Projects

EAPRIL takes part as associated partner in various European Projects.

Please find here an overview of our involvement in granted European Projects.

If you wish to involve EAPRIL as associated partner in your project application (i.e. EAPRIL as dissemination partner), please contact We are happy to consider your application if it matches our mission and objectives.