EAPRIL supports several Clouds, or thematic platforms for networking and discussion (hubs) among those practitioners who are interested and specialised in similar fields of research. You can click on the cloud images below if you would like more information of a specific cloud

Please explore here our clouds via their postcard pitches!

Upcoming Cloud Events

The programme for Spring 2018 will be communicated soon! Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming cloud events!

Save the date

* Cloud 7 will organise its Spring Seminar May 22, 2018 in Ghent, Belgium. More details will be shared soon!

* Cloud 5 will organise its Spring Seminar April 23, 2018, in Odense, Denmark. They invite contributions to their programme, as well as registrations. More details can be read in this call.

Call for Cloud Funding

The Executive Board of EAPRIL wishes to invite all Cloud Coordinators to apply for the EAPRIL Cloud Funding”, which aims to foster existing and new research contacts among EAPRIL cloud members.

The EAPRIL Executive Board will consider all proposals for funding. Based on what is planned and how much funding is requested, the EAPRIL Executive Board will grant between 500 and 1200 euro per application that is approved. In other words, as of this year the funding is not limited to 1 or 2 clouds. All clouds are able to receive funding, if an interesting project, event, and/or activity is planned for their cloud.

The final deadline for applying for Cloud funding is March 10 2018. Please note that once an application is submitted, the EAPRIL Executive Board will immediately proceed with reviewing the application and deciding on the funding. In other words, the sooner you send in your proposal, the sooner the funding could be granted.

Please find here more details on the funding granted, as well as extra requirements to take into account when organising your application.

Download application form


More information?

Each cloud has one or two Cloud coordinators who organise activities and send new content and information during the year. Are you interested in joining one of the clouds? You are welcome to contact the Cloud coordinators on LinkedIn or by e-mail.

If you are interested in launching a new cloud, you can find more information in our Cloud Guidelines.