Cloud 5: HRD & Workplace Learning


Jörg holle

Clood Coordinator

Arnoud Evers

Cloud Coordinator

Mission statement

Cloud 5 - videopitch


This cloud involves studies and projects related to Human Resource Development, corporate learning and training, formal, informal and non-formal learning at the workplace, and organisational learning as such. A network of practitioner-researchers interested in this topic is aimed for. This could involve topics on the micro-level (e.g. specific training programmes, organisational learning projects and/or professional development of employees (conditions, processes, output and transfer)), meso-level (in the organisation, training programme, and/or institute or organisation as a whole), and/or macro-level (policy-related issues). 

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Cloud 5. Meeting day

Learning at work and competence assessment
March 30th, 2017
Haaga-Helia UAS, Helsinki, Finland