EAPRIL annually enables more than 500 delegates from countries all over Europe to engage in critical dialogue. For these practitioners, EAPRIL provides a platform to contribute to current debates. Through its networks, activities and the publications, EAPRIL promotes both international and interdisciplinary cooperation between practitioners.


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  • Possibility to participate in our Springer give-away: this year we are again organising a Springer give-away where we give away Springer Education Books to our 2019 members. 
  • Voting rights in case of elections of new and/or existing EAPRIL Board Members: this year we are searching for three new EAPRIL Board Members 2019 - 2021. More information on the procedure and how to apply can be found here
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Extra options

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For practitioners and researchers
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For Master and PhD students*
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1 year STUDENT EAPRIL Membership: € 50

!! Please note that a 1-year membership can only be obtained from 1 January till 31 May. From 1 June till 31 December you can purchase a 2- or 3-year membership !!

* Student membership requires a subscription to an educational programme (bachelor, master or PhD programme). Student membership is only granted after a proof of student status is approved by the EAPRIL office. If we do not receive this formal proof, your student membership will not be activated.


  • > 20 members: 10% discount
  • > 30 members: 15% discount
  • > 40 members: 20% discount
  • > 50 members: 25% discount

All group members have to work or study at the same institution and subscribe together at the same time.

Contact the EAPRIL Office for more information on group membership.