Dates & Venue

The EAPRIL 2022 conference will take place in Nijmegen, the Netherlands from November 23 - 25, 2022. This conference will be jointly organised by EAPRIL and HAN University of Applied Sciences.

HAN is one of the biggest Universities of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. At HAN University of Applied Sciences, theory and practice go hand in hand. First you dive into the theory. Then you put it into practice. Giving you not only the knowledge but also the skills and experience to deal with real issues in practice. 

The HAN campuses are divided over 2 cities: Arnhem and Nijmegen. Life sciences and social studies programs are located at the Nijmegen campus, where the EAPRIL 2022 conference is going to take place. Nijmegen is a lively university town with a great atmosphere. Just wander through its beautiful old streets and you’ll feel its rich history. Looking for a charming pub or restaurant, a bit of culture or a great night out? Nijmegen has all this and more. Keen on sport or nature? Nijmegen has loads of sports clubs and is surrounded by beautiful forests full of hiking and bicycle trails.

For more information on the HAN University of Applied Sciences click here.

The conference sessions will be organised at the following HAN locations

Parallel sessions:

- Groenewoudseweg 1 (GWW1) 6524 TM Nijmegen

You can find the floor plans of this location here.

Plenary sessions:

- Kapittelweg 33 (K33) 6525 EN Nijmegen

- Laan van Scheut 10 (LVS10) 6525 EN Nijmegen

These locations are within walking distance from each other. The distance between the plenary sessions locations (K33 and LvS10) and the parallel sessions location (GWW1) is approx. 1 km. Maps with the recommended walking routes can be found here.

On each conference day between 08:00 and 09:00 CET our registration desk will be set up at K33 (Kapittelweg 33). Please come by this desk to sign yourself in and receive your personal badge. As of 10:00 CET we will move our registration desk to GWW1 (Groenewoudseweg 1).


Conference theme

Learning as a collaborative interaction between learning professionals, research, education and the workplace


EAPRIL is going live again in 2022 with an inspiring conference at HAN University of Applied Sciences, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. EAPRIL2022 @ HAN focusses on the changing ways people learn. The theme from formal education to continuous learning focusses on learning as a collaborative interaction between learning professionals, research, education and the workplace. Although European definitions of lifelong learning vary, it is widely recognised that there is a need to redefine the requirements for lifelong learning: for example, educational practices need to become more ‘embedded’ in work practices and feasibility is becoming more important to ensure that learning professionals do not lose the balance between learning, work and private life. Thereby, responsivity to diverse learning styles and providing possibilities for those who did not flourish in previous learning situations is vitally important to provide good learning environments.

But continuous learning is not a theme pertaining to adult education alone. If we want the next generation to be able to enjoy what continuous learning can bring, and to see lifelong learning as something natural instead of exceptional, we must prepare younger children and pupils by teaching them skills such as self-regulated learning, digital skills and exploring international educational opportunities.

HAN University of Applied Sciences has developed many flexible courses for learning professionals in the past few years. We have developed our strengths in educating adults to be viable partners for organisations that strive for continuous learning for their employees. At the EAPRIL conference we aim to bridge the gap between formal education and continuous learning by giving participants from various educational cultures and school types the opportunity to inspire each other. Some of the questions we will address are: what do learning professionals need in order to be succesful? What added value do MOOCs and microcredentials have for continuous learning? How can previously acquired competences be valued in a formal learning process?

We are looking forward to gaining insights from the EAPRIL-community on research that contributes to flourishing continous learning practices.We explicitly invite everyone to share and discuss good practices as well as challenges associated with changing views on learning. The European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning (EAPRIL) aims to promote practice-based and practitioner research on teaching and learning within formal, informal, continuous, vocational and professional learning contexts – in many forms of expression. Therefore, the EAPRIL conference is the perfect place for discussions on innovation in learning in multiple contexts.

Conference Programme

The EAPRIL 2022 full conference programme is now available for consultation! Please be invited to check it out! 



conference app

The complete and up-to-date programme is available via our conference app Guidebook which is also the best way to stay up to date with last-minute programme changes. 

You can download Guidebook in the App Store or Google Play Store, go to Find Guides and use the passphrase eapril2022 to find the EAPRIL 2022 Guide. 

Keynote speakers

We are happy to officially announce our EAPRIL 2022 keynote speakers

EAPRIL 2022 keynote Alberto Cattaneo

Prof. Dr. Alberto Cattaneo (Switzerland)

Swiss Federal University for Vocational Education and Training

"Illustrative pictures on exploiting visual displays to enhance tech-supported vocational learning"

EAPRIL 2022 keynote speaker Sui Lin Goei

Dr. Sui Lin Goei (the Netherlands)

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences & VU Amsterdam

"Teacher Learning through Talk in Lesson Studies"

EAPRIL 2022 keynote speaker Jean-Charles Cailliez

Prof. Jean-Charles Cailliez (France)

Lille Catholic University & "HEMiSF4iRE” Design School

"Hybridization in 'reverse classroom', the best way to stimulate co-elaborative work!"

EAPRIL 2022 keynote speaker Wietske HAN
EAPRIL 2022 keynote speaker Jos HAN

Dr. Wietske Kuijer-Siebelink & Dr. Jos Sanders (the Netherlands)

HAN University of Applied Sciences

"Preparing for continuous learning in formal education"

Digital Day

On Friday November 25th, we are organising a Digital Day which gives people, who are not able to join us physically in Nijmegen, the opportunity to virtually participate in the EAPRIL 2022 conference. With a Digital Day ticket you will be able to participate in the live-streaming of one of our keynote speeches as well as 2-3 online EAPRIL workshops. The ticket price is 70 EUR (VAT excl.)/ 84,7 EUR (21% VAT incl.).


You can find the Digital Day programme here: 

EAPRIL 2022 - Digital Day Programme



We are pleased to announce that the registrations for the EAPRIL 2022 conference are now open! If all goes well, 2022 should mark the long-awaited return to a physical EAPRIL conference. Together with the HAN, University of Applied Sciences, we are looking forward to welcoming you in Nijmegen, the Netherlands for the EAPRIL 2022 Conference taking place from November 23 - 25, 2022! 

For more info on our registration fees click here.



Below you can find our EAPRIL 2022 poster guidelines and chair guidelines:

Conference Dinner



VasimVasim 2



We are looking forward to welcoming you all at the EAPRIL 2022 Conference Dinner on Thursday November 24th at 18:30. The dinner will be hosted at the Vasim, which is a reconstructed icon, located on the Oversteek, the new bridge over the Waal at the north side of Nijmegen. The building was realised after the Second World War as a continuous spinning mill for the artificial silk factory NYMA and with its typical chimneys and shell roofs it is a unique building in the Netherlands.

Purchasing a ticket for the conference dinner beforehand is mandatory and will give you access to the dinner as well as the after party with live band and entertainment. Sufficient vegetarian options will be available. Please feel free to enter any other dietary requirements when purchasing your ticket.

The ticket price is 75 EUR (VAT excl.)/90,75 EUR (21% VAT incl.) and is all drinks included. Transportation to the dinner venue is not included in the ticket price.

Address: Winselingseweg 41, 6541 AH Nijmegen

To navigate to the parking of the Vasim please use the following address: Latensteinweg, 6541 AH Nijmegen. Information on how to get to the Vasim can be found here.

School Visits

At the EAPRIL Conference we want to give our delegates the opportunity to get a real taste of the local educational practice by offering interesting and interactive school visits. Moreover, this year we are offering packages consisting of two different school visits instead of one which will give you the chance to discover different school levels of the Dutch educational system. 

Below you can check out our packages. You can click on the title for more detailed information on the schools: 

The school visit packages are organised as a pre-conference activity on Tuesday November 22nd and will consist of one visit in the morning, a short lunch break and one visit in the afternoon. Please note that - in orde to participate in our school visits - registration is mandatory. The ticket prices is 45 EUR (VAT excl.) / 54,45 EUR (21% VAT incl.) and includes transportation and lunch between the two visits. 


In Nijmegen, a broad variety of high quality accommodation options is available and we are very happy to inform you that a selected number of hotels are offering an interesting discount to the EAPRIL delegates. You can find all necessary information on these hotels and how to book your stay here.



By public transport

Plan your journey by public transport, there are different possibilities for public transport:

  • If you only wish to use the train; it is best to use the of NS-app or use the journey planner
  • If you travel by train and bus; it is best to use the website: https://9292.nl/en. This website also has a journey planner or download the app ‘9292’.

By plane

After your arrival at Schiphol Airport, you can follow the signs at Schiphol Airport that will guide you to the train station beneath the airport. Here you will be able to buy your train ticket at the blue and gray Public Transport Tickets machines. These can be found at the baggage belts of Arrival 3 and just outside Arrival 3, at the escalators up to Departure 3. From there on you can hop on the train to Nijmegen! It is also possible to buy the train ticket online Ticket train online or buy a Transport-card for the train and the bus. If you can't find your way, please ask for help at the airport’s service desks or people working at the airport.

By car

Traveling by car? There is plenty of room on campus. You will find parking garages at the following locations:

  • Groenewoudseweg 1 – GW1
  • Kapittelweg 33 – K33
  • Laan van Scheut 10 – LvS10
  • Kapittelweg 35 – K35

Most of our program will be at HAN-location Groenewoudseweg 1. It is possible to park your car at this location and walk (15 min) to the keynotes at Kapittelweg 33 or Laan van Scehut 10. At the Groenewoudseweg there is a small parking place in front of the building, at the back side there is a bigger parking lot. On this map you will find all parking places on campus.


Public transport:

Traveling to and from HAN is very easy with public transport. From Nijmegen Central Station a train goes to Heyendaal station. In a few minutes you can walk to HAN Kapittelweg 33 or Groenewoudseweg 1. The HAN is also easy accessible by bus. The bus stop in front of Kapittelweg 33 is called “stop: HAN, Nijmegen”, to get here you can take line 9 at Central Station. If you need to travel to Groenewoudseweg 1. It is best to take bus 10 (or train) to bus stop Heyendaal.

Assistance during your trip:

If you need assistance during your trip please check the website of NS (traveling with a disability). Here you will find information about the travel assistance and how to get it. Make sure you read this information before you plan your trip.

Tourist Info Nijmegen

If you wish to explore the city of Nijmegen, you can find more touristic information here.

Important dates

Please take into account the following important dates:

  • February 2022
    Opening submissions
  • April 21, 2022
    EXTENDED Submission deadline
  • June 2022 (postponed)
    Opening registrations
  • September 13, 2022
    Early Bird registration deadline
  • September 20, 2022
    Presenter registration deadline
  • November 23-25, 2022
    EAPRIL 2022

EAPRIL 2022 Local Organising Committee (LOC)

Conference chair

Maritza Gerritsen, HAN University of Applied Sciences

LOC Members

Marleen Duismann, HAN University of Applied Sciences (Project Manager)

Mark Reessink, HAN University of Applied Sciences (Event Manager)

Suus te Braak, HAN University of Applied Sciences (LOC Member)

Hermi Beute, HAN University of Applied Sciences (LOC Member)



Sponsors & Partners

A big thank you to our EAPRIL 2022 sponsors & partners!

Iris Connect Logo

Iris Connect makes great CPD affordable and scalable. They drive superior learning outcomes for schools & teachers. Their technology makes high impact CPD accessible and cost effective and their implementation support guarantees impact.

Logo City Nijmegen

Nijmegen is the oldest city of the Netherlands with a city center full of important historical locations. And it’s not just a rich cultural history that Nijmegen has to offer. A large number of students, numerous events and festivals, unique hot spots and cozy restaurants all add up to an unprecedented liveliness in our city. Just put your feet in the sand at our city beach next to the river Waal, or relax at one of the numerous sidewalk cafes.

A large array of both chain stores and small and unique specialty stores will complete your Nijmegen experience, whether you’re here for a day or for the entire weekend. And don’t forget to have a drink and a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants and cafes.

logo Brill

Founded in 1683, Brill is a publishing house with a rich history and a strong international focus.Brill’s publications focus on the Humanities and Social Sciences, International Law and selected areas in the Sciences. Brill publications also include several major imprints with a distinguished history of publishing high quality and successful titles.