EAPRIL's Corporate Learning Programme aims to Support the dialogue and collaboration between research and practitioners in the field of Corporate Learning with a transformational impact in practice. That is,

  • Facilitating research projects between European companies, and universities and research institutes, that could lead to long term partnerships. These projects  focus on trending topics on Corporate Learning, such as e-learning, datafication, gamification, cross-departmental communication and other challenges.
  • Publications. The results of these projects are shared with the membership. This involve full research reports, blogs, regular news updates, etc. In 2014 we published the European Learning Compass and Informal Learning Guide. We aim to continue adding value to the corporate world.
  • Events. Discussion of these project results as well as start-up of new projects will be planned at our annual Corporate Learning day (last Thursday of November). The transformational lab method will serve as central format for discussion. More information on our transformational labs can be found here.

Corporate Learning day

The 4th Corporate Learning day will be organised on November 30 in Hämeenlinna, Finland. A day starting with an intriguing keynote speech, followed by participation in various inspirational transformational labs.



Keynote speech

"Sustainable Learning in a Knowledge Productive Workplace"

Joseph Kessels

    Prof. dr. Joseph Kessels





European Survey on Corporate Learning, by scil

"Current Trends and Challenges in Corporate Learning"

ChristophMeier  Christoph Meier, swiss competence centre for innovations in learning, Switzerland


Transformational labs (new ones to be added real soon)

LAB 1: How to Transform Learning through Design and Play?

Eliza Hochman

     Eliza Hochman, Duuable, Finland



LAB 2: How can flipped learning change mindsets and increase impact?

KoenBeirens   Koen Beirens, Training Institute of the Federal Government, Belgium

LAB 3: How can MOOCs facilitate learning across borders?

PetraPeeters   MarloKengenPetra Peeters & Marlo Kengen, HAN UAS, the Netherlands

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Community for Learning and Development Professionals



European Learning Compass, developed in cooperation with the university of Maastricht, The Netherlands


Informal Learning Guide, developed in cooperation with the University of Leuven, Belgium

High Impact Learning