Cloud 14: Learning in organisations


Tom De Schryver

Cloud Coordinator


Mission statement

This cloud is a platform open to any practice based research that shows, critically evaluates, or comprehensively endorses real practices of organizational learning.  

Organizational learning covers processes of change in, individual and shared thought and action, which is affected by and embedded  in the institutions of an organization.

An organization  is defined as a decision-driven social order.



Call for Organisational Learning Submissions

Our EAPRIL board believes that by means of thematic tracks, the members and conference participants can gain more from EAPRIL encounters in terms of deeper interaction and in terms of more community building. We also believe that themes can lead to a more engaged EAPRIL community.

And so, as a test, we would like to introduce - on a small scale - a new submission type: thematic carousel. Therefore, two thematic calls focusing on Organisational Learning were selected. You can find them here:

1. Meaningful learning in for-profit organisations: practice-based research on onboarding-talent management and offboarding practices

2. Meaningful Learning in the Public Service Sector


If you are interested in submitting a proposal for one of our two thematic calls, please send an email to before June 12, 2019 midnight CEST indicating your interest. We will contact you personally afterwards with instructions on how to submit. Please note that the submission deadline is June 14, 2019 midnight CEST.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this new submission type, please let us know via