BR&PP Award

The EAPRIL Best Research and Practice Project (BR&PP) Award recognises projects by practitioner researchers in the field of education, learning and instruction, and training and development, which exceptionally contribute to educational practice. By doing this, EAPRIL aims to offer exposure to these great projects and award them for their contribution to education and learning. Please find here more info on the criteria.


Congratulations to the two nominees of the EAPRIL Best Research & Practice Project Award 2018! Read all about the two project on the and join the Award Session at EAPRIL 2018.


Award Flyer


    Winner BR&PP Award 2017

    Congratulations to Heidi Knipprath and her team for winning the 6th Best Research & Practice Project Award for their project 'Integrated STEM makes a difference'.

    Please hear more about this award winning project in the interview below, and in the elevator pitch presentation at EAPRIL2017 Conference.


    We also with to acknowledge the 2 other nominees for their excellent projects.

    MiniMikkeli - a regional learning environment for all education levels

    By Eeva Kuoppala & Pekka Pulkkinen, XAMK, Finland

    Viewbrics: Mirroring and mastering complex generic skills with video-enhanced rubrics

    By Ellen Rusman et al., Welten Institute, Open University of the Netherlands, the Netherlands

    Best Poster Award

    EAPRIL is happy to award the best Poster at the EAPRIL Conference, as voted by the EAPRIL conference participants.

    The audience is asked to rate the best poster, based on the following criteria

    • Best research design

    • Most visually attractive Design

    • Best quality of oral presentation

    The Winner of the Best Poster EAPRIL2018 will be announced on Wednesday November 14, 2018!


    Congratulations to Silke Vanslambrouck et al (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium) for winning the best Poster Award, with her poster "Developing a screening instrument to indicate the chances of adult blended learners to succeed"



    Previous Laureates BR&PP Award