BR&PP Award

The EAPRIL Best Research and Practice Project (BR&PP) Award recognises projects by practitioner researchers in the field of education, learning and instruction, and training and development, which exceptionally contribute to educational practice. By doing this, EAPRIL aims to offer exposure to these great projects and award them for their contribution to education and learning. Please find here more info on the criteria.



If you are managing or taking part in a research project of which you think it will contribute to educational practice and the EAPRIL community, we encourage you to submit your project.

1. Go to the regular EAPRIL submission system (

2. Select the format ‘Best Research & Practice Project Award’ by April 26th 2018. The submission will consist of an abstract and a questionnaire based on the criteria listed below. More info can be found enclosed.

3. You will be informed on the outcome of the first shortlisting round by Mid June.



  1. How is the project responding to a real need in the field?
  2. How did researchers and practitioners contribute to the project? What type of collaboration or network did you establish? How well did it work?
  3. Describe the main focus of the research part and research questions?
  4. What is the impact of the project in the field?
  5. What is the collective development of researchers and practitioners involved in this project?
  6. What kind of products did the project have as output, e.g. publications, tools, websites, presentations, … (i.e. degree of dissemination)
  7. What is the sustainability of the project, or these products?
  8. What are the three most important lessons learned/conclusions during the course of the project?

Winner BR&PP Award 2017

Congratulations to Heidi Knipprath and her team for winning the 6th Best Research & Practice Project Award for their project 'Integrated STEM makes a difference'.

Please hear more about this award winning project in the interview below, and in the elevator pitch presentation at EAPRIL2017 Conference.


We also with to acknowledge the 2 other nominees for their excellent projects.

MiniMikkeli - a regional learning environment for all education levels

By Eeva Kuoppala & Pekka Pulkkinen, XAMK, Finland

Viewbrics: Mirroring and mastering complex generic skills with video-enhanced rubrics

By Ellen Rusman et al., Welten Institute, Open University of the Netherlands, the Netherlands

Best Poster 2017

Congratulations to Silke Vanslambrouck et al (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium) for winning the best Poster Award, with her poster "Developing a screening instrument to indicate the chances of adult blended learners to succeed"



Previous Laureates BR&PP Award