EAPRIL 2014 Conference


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Two interesting conference programmes, organised partly in parallel and included in one registration fee


Check out Programme details and Specific Submission Information for EDUCATION & LEARNING Programme


Check out Programme details and Specific Submission Information for LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT Programme

Tuesday November 25 - Friday November 28, 2014


Hilton Cyprus Hotel, Nicosia, Cyprus



About the Association


EAPRIL stands for European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning (in education and professional practice). It is a non-profit organisation under Belgian law, governed by an Executive Board in cooperation with the EAPRIL office. The association promotes practice-based research on learning issues in the context of initial, formal, lifelong and organisational learning with the aim to enhance practice. EAPRIL encompasses different contexts (such as schools of various educational levels as well as organisations and corporations across fields, such as engineering, medicine, nursing, business, and teacher education), at different levels (individuals, teams, organisations and networks), and in different stages of life (from kindergarten over students in higher education to workers at the workplace).

As a result, EAPRIL is unique by bringing together not only those interested in the crossroads between research & practice but also between education & professional learning.

EAPRIL offers two unique though parallel and closely related sub programmes that focus on learning in two specific contexts, i.e. Education and Learning in Schools, and Learning & Development in Corporate Organisations. Brought togheter in one conference programme, both sub groups organise however a specific conference programme with possibilties to interconnect and exchange.


You can find EAPRIL introduction video's on YouTube


EAPRIL is a sister organisation of EARLI which stands for 'European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction'.


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